Abstract Topics

Following 5 themes of the abstract topic list define human functioning and rehabilitation research. Due to the high significance of clinical research in our field, clinical PRM sciences were placed at the top of the list.

A. Biomedical Sciences

A1 Biomechanics
A2 Genetics
A3 Molecular and Cellular Biology
A4 Neuroscience
A5 Physiology
A6 Miscellaneous

B. Social Sciences

B1 Biostatistics
B2 Disability Studies
B3 Economics
B4 Psychology
B5 Miscellaneous

C. Clinical Sciences

C1 Health Conditions (nervous system, musculoskeletal system, cardiopulmonary system)
C2 Pain
C3 Diagnosis
C4 Complications/Sequelae (ie spasticity, immobilization and frailty)
C5 Specific Target Groups (children, women, elderly, athletes, musicians, refugees, ethnic groups, workers, and others)
C6 Miscellaneous

D. Therapeutics

D1 Exercise
D2 Injections (joint, spine, etc.)
D3 Integrative Medicine
D4 Pharmacological Agents
D5 Physical Modalities
D6 Neurostimulation (rTMS, tDCS, etc.)
D7 Miscellaneous

E. Engineering and Technology

E1 Assistive Products
E2 Prosthetics and Orthotics
E3 Robotics
E4 Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices
E5 Virtual Reality
E6 Telerehabilitation
E7 Miscellaneous

F. Health Policy and Systems

F1 Community Based Rehabilitation
F2 Economics (cost-effectiveness)
F3 Infrastructure and Resources
F4 National Policy and Law
F5 Rehabilitation Across the Continuum of Care
F6 Rehab Management (certification and accreditation)
F7 TEAM Work: Rehab Professionals
F8 Miscellaneous

G. Functioning and Disability

G2 Classification Systems (ICD, ICHI, ICSO-R)
G3 Labor Market and Participation
G4 Miscellaneous

H. Specialty Development

H1 Education (medical student, residency & post-graduate)
H2 Organizational Development (international associations)
H3 Research
H4 Miscellaneous